Afternoon Tea

Serving Time: 14:30- 18:00

In the sylvan embrace of 1003 Brunch & Dessert, we embarked on a culinary odyssey with the exclusive “Forest High Tea.” The tiered stand unveiled a symphony of flavors, featuring waffle sandwiches and mini croissants adorned with a savory ballet of smoked duck breast and sausage. As the sun-dappled foliage provided the backdrop, each bite became a dance on our taste buds, leaving an indelible craving for more.

Ascending the tiers, a sweet tapestry unfolded with desserts that wove seasonal themes into a culinary masterpiece. Hidden surprises within the sugary creations added an extra layer of delight, turning our Forest High Tea into a palate-pleasing adventure. Amidst the laughter of good company and the whispers of nature, the air hummed with satisfaction as we uncovered the magic within each decadent bite.

However, the enchantment came with a whispered secret—limited availability. 1003 Brunch & Dessert revealed the “Forest High Tea” as a rare gem, urging those seeking this culinary haven to make haste. Amidst the layers of flavor and exclusivity of this experience, a gentle reminder echoed: to partake in the magic, anticipation was the key. Guests were encouraged to secure their place in this ephemeral culinary journey by calling and making a reservation, unlocking the doors to the exquisite delights of 1003 Brunch & Dessert’s Forest High Tea.

Reserve Your Journey with Forest High Tea at 1003 Brunch & Dessert

Phone: 236-8862223

Forest High Tea

$75 for 2 people
  • THREE tiers afternoon tea (including nine items/ per person)
  • Two drinks
  • Reservation needed